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Children’s Chiropractor at
Clayton Park Chiropractic Centre

…Because Kids Have Spines, Too!

You take your child to the dentist every six months to get their teeth cleaned-why not take them to a chiropractor to make sure their spine and nervous system are functioning as best as possible? Everyone knows that children have spines, but we often forget about the importance of making sure their spine is developing just as it was meant to.

From the wear and tear put on babies during pregnancy and the birthing process to poor desk posture in school aged children, our kids backs go through a lot-let’s help them get BACK to health with chiropractic care!

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Children?

Chiropractic care is ideal for children of all ages-from newborns to those venturing off to high school or college. Because chiropractic care focuses on ensuring that the nervous system remains in balance, you’re giving your child the best chance at growing up healthy.

Adjustments are gentle and safe, and can help with a variety of childhood issues.

Chiropractic Care for Infants – Commonly Asked Questions

Can chiropractic care help my baby sleep?

This is actually the #1 side effect we hear from our patients!

Is there any cracking involved?

Chiropractic care for children is extremely gentle-for babies, we only use the force that would be applied when checking the ripeness of a tomato. To an adult, it would hardly be felt at all. For older children, we may use an adjustment tool that is just as gentle and effective. We’ll even let the kids use a toy version of this tool on their teddy bears during an adjustment!

Can chiropractic adjustment help my baby breastfeed better?

Many new mothers have visited our practice with this goal in mind, and we’re pleased to say that they’ve found much success. Did you know that to successfully breastfeed it takes all the cranial bones and nerves and more than 40 muscles? Because chiropractic care can ensure the muscles, bones and nerves in your child’s body are functioning as they should, adjustments for improved breastfeeding often work well.

Discover How Chiropractic Can Benefit Your Child

At Clayton Park Chiropractic Centre, we’re ready to welcome you to our family! Contact our practice today to learn more about choosing pediatric care for your child and to make your first appointment.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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