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Massage Therapy at
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Deep tissue therapy is a type of massage that focuses on the deeper layers, realigning the muscles, fascia and connective tissues. It is especially helpful in releasing chronic tension and hypertonic, contracted areas of the body.

How Deep Tissue Therapy is Different

Unlike classic massage therapy which is used for relaxation, deep tissue massage focuses on specific problems and specific areas such as:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Repetitive strain injury such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis
  • Muscle spasms, muscle tension and chronic pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Motor vehicle accidents and bad falls causing discdysfunctions and whiplash

Michelle Holmes, Clayton Park Chiropractic Centre Massage TherapistMichelle Holmes, RMT

Since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for helping people, so, in 2001, I graduated from the Canadian College of Natural Medicine and Massage Therapy as a Registered Massage Therapist. I strive to help people through some very trying times. Whether it is due to a motor vehicle accident, long suffering of chronic pain, emotional distress or any debilitating problem, I feel I can reach each individual’s needs and make a profound difference in all of my patients well being. Treating the cause of ones demise, it is important to tend to a person’s entire self, as body, mind and soul go hand in hand, and I hope to always be successful in healing and balancing all three.

I believe that I have an intuitive feel for people’s problems and would like to spend the rest of my life doing and caring for others, who need my help.

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My passion for massage began when I was 19. My Great Grandmother was bedridden and suffered from emphysema. With her shortness of breath and poor circulation, it was necessary to promote better breathing. Unaware of what massage could do and void of the proper skills, I spent many hours trying to rub her back in the effort to facilitate the expulsion of her phlegm, aiding in better respiration. Due to the lack of circulation, I would then try my hands to her peripheral musculature hoping to increase her blood flow, bringing warmth to her arthritic frail hands.

She was such a huge part of my world and to this day, with every patient that I treat, she is my true inspiration to unraveling the mystery of ones’ missing link, the completion of their healthy body, mind and soul. I attended the Canadian College of Natural Medicine and Massage Therapy in Bedford. After a few years of being immersed in the work field, I chose to go back to school and retire myself from the retail business. The program entailed much more than what I ever imagined. It was so much more than just the massaging of muscles. The curriculum delivered a vast amount of knowledge that was obtained throughout our 2 year, 2200 hour program. It covered the physiology of our human machine, the pathology’s and diseases that could inflict people’s lives as well as being given an extensive grounding on the treatment based way of practicing. It taught me that you treat the person and not the disease. The faculty prided themselves on teaching this very diverse knowledge base, so that upon graduation we were prepared and confident to treat whatever challenge presented to our office, and I am. Working with patients as a massage therapist is a very “hands- on- type” of profession and with that, I feel it is extremely important to be intuitive to each individual’s needs, as everyone is different. I have had many instructors and people that have changed my life so I can be that tool to help people heal and enjoy their quality of life again. I owe many thanks to each and every person that was a part of my educational marathon. My journey to learn will never be complete, as we are always students to the medical field and the day I stop wanting to learn, is the day I will take my diploma off the wall and retire. I aim to educate my patient’s on how to find their internal balance. It is extremely important that each and every person that enters my office is comfortable, as I believe the building of a strong rapport between patient and practitioner, is the beginning of their journey to good health. If they are not at ease with the therapist or with their treatment, their mission to self healing is basically futile. The confidence and willingness to obtain knowledge of ones self is essential, as it is the road to a persons’ internal map. Once on this new path, one is able to practice proper new health habits and abort the old. This new path is essential to one’s good health, as I am just the catalyst in their journey to heal. What I find most fulfilling and soul-satisfying is to observe the smile on a patient’s face when they have obtained what internal balance, that they desired to achieve. I grew up in a very loving, close knit family. It was very important to my parents that all four of their children were brought up with good morals and values. Many hours were spent teaching us the importance of respect, not only within our household but to all our elders and fellow mates. We were always encouraged to reach the sky and nothing was to be deemed impossible so long as hard work and dedication were practiced. I love and adore my parents and siblings beyond words and know in my heart that the person I have become is completely due to the consistent teachings and unconditional love that my parents nurtured us with from the time we entered this world. It was the sacrifice and unselfish nature of both my mom and dad, who have made me the person that I have become today. As all little girls, I wanted to find the prince on that white horse to fulfill and complete my fairy tale but until last year, my glass slipper was unfounded. In my heart I yearned to find someone that held the same stoic characteristics and nature as my dad, who in my world is my male hero. I met that man, the one every girl dreams of and I am the richest girl in the universe for it. Sharing much of the same passions and activities, time just passes too fast for the both of us, as every moment with he and my family are more precious than words could ever express. I love to cook, so when planning out meals, we try and maintain a well balanced diet of lots of greens, adequate amounts of protein and fruits. We basically follow the Canada Food Guide as much as possible, followed with lots of water throughout the day. We reside on a vast amount of land that requires a lot of attention, so daily, we find ourselves exhausted from the fresh air and fun outdoor chores that at the same time, allows us to sit back and admire our hard work. We have many trails to walk and we investigate new places on the weekend for hours at a time, meeting new neighbors and learning our surroundings at the same time. My family practice eating a well balanced eating plan as well, and they are all active incorporating exercise whenever possible. I have the mind set that our body has the ability to heal itself. With proper care of the human machines that we are, I feel we build our own antibodies to what ails us and will be healthier in the end for it. As for antibiotics or over the counter pain relievers, I don’t take anything unless I’ve exhausted all other avenues. I feel there is a place for traditional medicine but it shouldn’t be abused and it’s not the only path to heal. Antibiotics certainly have their place in the health field and when necessary, it is the route that should be taken. I have the same line of thinking when it comes to over the counter medications. If all other alternative routes have been employed, then I will resort to taking the other path. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. I hope to be fortunate enough to meet you in person and have you tell me about you and what makes you, you. Check out our link and feel free to email me so we can arrange a time to enter you onto your new journey, your path to health, to completely balancing your body, mind and soul.

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